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Aside from the physical benefits of yoga such as increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone, a regular practice can help with many of the challenges we face in our daily lives, such as insomnia, elevated blood pressure, anxiety and symptoms of stress to name but a few.


Proper breathing (pranayama), helps bring energy to the body, oxygenating the blood to feed the organs efficiently and quietens the mind.

Postures (asana) build strength and discipline in the body, creating new muscle memory, tone and improved range of movement.


A general sense of wellbeing, not succumbing to colds etc. can be maintained with a regular practice.


Why not give a weekly class a try, to discover the benefits for yourself. or just pop in for a quick 30 minute stretch.

Yin yoga - stretching deeply with a focus on the breath to release tension.

A mindfulness based class adapted to your needs. Increase flexibility and strength, build breath awareness and learn simple techniques to quieten the  mind. Rehabilitating the body back to ease of movement and breath.

"If you’re new to yoga like I was, you would love the experience gained from Alex. With her great patience and understanding of how your body works she makes it extremely easy to grasp and learn. I joined the class with the hope of feeling relaxed and at peace with myself which is exactly what I got. Alex is very enthusiastic about passing on her passion and knowledge of yoga. I highly recommend."

NR Middlesex

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