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  • 1hr - £80.00

  • 1hr 30 minutes - £115.00

  • 1hr 45 minutes full body treatment - £125.00

"The treatment I received was just amazing, targeting my tension areas, talking me through the process, I felt completely comfortable and relaxed in a professional yet tranquil setting. I would definitely like to take another treatment very soon."

KA Westminster

Holistic Facials

  • 1hr - MBM Signature - £105.00

  • 1hr - FaceFit® by Rosalena - £105.00

  • 1hr - Zone Face Lift - £105.00


  • 30 minute body boost - £45.00

  • 1hr Full treatment - £80.00

"I have just had my 3rd Zone face Lift and can honestly say that it is one of the best facials I have ever had. I would highly recommend it."

CM Clapham

Yoga and Targeted Stretch

  • 1hr - Yoga - £80.00

  • 30 mins Targeted stretch - £40.00

Yoga and Targeted Stretch

  • 1hr - Yoga - £80.00

  • 30 mins Targeted stretch - £40.00


"The yoga class was very well done. Great for beginner and intermediate levels. Alex is a very good teacher. I have been seduced by her great calm and positive energy. She adapts her teaching to everyone and takes time to improve students postures. I am sitting every day in front of a computer and am happy to say that the class relieved the tension in my back and relaxed me completely."

JM Wandsworth

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