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MBM Signature Facial

The best of both worlds! Incorporating both reflexology and massage facial techniques, this is the most popular facial in the treatment room to date.


Application of heat with hot towels and invigorating massage strokes contrast with cooling crystals and calming reflexology points. Imagine a cool shower and hot sauna combination, how fabulous it feels to the body, transfer these elements to the face and you've got the signature facial.

Easing congestion, improving circulation, boosting lymphatic drainage, stimulating the nerves and relieving muscular tension. Treatments also help relieve mental strain and fatigue and improve concentration, resulting in a radiant complexion, free of stress, puffiness and fatigue.


Deeply cleansing both superficially and holistically, this is an intuitive treatment that will lift, tone and brighten the skin. Everything you would expect from an hour of focused, mindful attention in the Mind Body Movement treatment room. 

FaceFit® by Rosalena

Sculpt, lift and tone your face with a facial like no other!


FaceFit® is a unique treatment that painlessly works and tones the muscles of the face to remove stress and tension to reveal healthy, glowing skin. A deeply relaxing yet energising treatment that lifts, brightens and contours the face. A wonderful natural alternative to chemicals, peels, needles or surgery with instant results!


FaceFit® is a non-invasive workout for your face that works the connective tissues and tones facial muscles.


Innovative activation massage techniques range from gently boosting circulation to the micro-contouring deeper massage to lift and sculpt the underlying tissues. Together these transform the appearance of the face to reveal sleeker facial contours, lifted cheeks and jowls. The result is a noticeable smoothing of expression lines and a marked decrease of puffiness around the eyes.


The treatment includes a thorough cleanse and tone of the face and décolletage and utilises Rosalena Bio-active Skincare’s Rose Quartz and Jade Magic Mushroom Facial Stones, renowned for their detoxing benefits. Applied at both room temperature and ice cold, these Stones encourage lymph drainage and smooth away lines and wrinkles to reveal healthy glowing skin.


A deep feeling of relaxation is experienced as specific acupressure points are activated and tension is magically dissolved.


Each facial incorporates individually selected Rosalena Bio-active Skincare products, where the beautiful aromas from this 100% natural, wellbeing range add another dimension, creating space to Pause, Breathe and Be, benefitting both skin and mind.


Massage techniques combined with the hydrating and revitalising skincare properties of Rosalena Bio-active Skincare improves the skin tone with a dramatic result after just one treatment, an even greater effect after a series of treatments and with the continued use of Rosalena Bio-active Skincare at home.

The full Rosalena Bio-active Skincare range is available to buy.

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Zone Face Lift

A deeply immersive experience. The treatment kicks off with a thorough cleanse, exfoliate and mask to prepare the skin. Oil is then applied using gentle massage techniques.


Facial reflexology points are stimulated to cleanse and calm the body. Various tools and techniques are used to reduce tension, stimulate blood flow, improve muscle tone and encourage lymphatic drainage. Treatment also incorporates release of fascia on the scalp and neck stretches.

Use of the Jade Guasha tool and acupressure roller help to work the deeper tissues on the face, particularly on problem areas such as the chin where the skin can start to sag, and around the forehead where frown lines can become marked.

The treatment concludes with application of a toner, serum and eye cream. 

The whole experience results in a lifted, sculpted, fresh, plumped up appearance and a deep sense of well being.

Single treatments are wonderful as a treat and perfect as preparation for a big event. The 12 week course can produce significant changes in the facial muscle structure allowing your inner beauty to shine through.

Just loving giving the Zone Face Lift tr
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