Rosalena FaceFit

A facial like no other, Rosalena FaceFit® is a therapeutic facial treatment that lifts, brightens and contours, a beautifully relaxing workout for your face with instant results. 


Exclusive to FaceFit®, layering techniques target all those tired muscles that cause saggy skin, puffy eyes, frown lines and jaw tension. Ranging from gently boosting circulation to micro-contouring deeper massage where the lifting and sculpting effect of the tissues comes to the fore, transforming the underlying structure and appearance of your face.


Rosalena’s hydrating face oils harness the skin transforming power of natural, plant derived ingredients and combines them with bio-actives for innovative, advanced skincare that delivers impactful results.

Central to this treatment, the Rosalena mantra. Pause, Breathe, Be. The perfect opportunity to take in the glorious scent of these products, gently stimulating the olfactory system promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. Leave the treatment room with supercharged skin and that unmistakable Rosalena Glow.

Zone Face Lift

A deeply immersive experience. The treatment kicks off with a thorough cleanse, exfoliate and mask to prepare the skin. Oil is then applied using gentle massage techniques.


Facial reflexology points are stimulated to cleanse and calm the body. Various tools and techniques are used to reduce tension, stimulate blood flow, improve muscle tone and encourage lymphatic drainage. Treatment also incorporates release of fascia on the scalp and neck stretches.

Use of the Jade Guasha tool and acupressure roller help to work the deeper tissues on the face, particularly on problem areas such as the chin where the skin can start to sag, and around the forehead where frown lines can become marked.

The treatment concludes with application of a toner, serum and eye cream. 

The whole experience results in a lifted, sculpted, fresh, plumped up appearance and a deep sense of well being.

Single treatments are wonderful as a treat and perfect as preparation for a big event. The 12 week course can produce significant changes in the facial muscle structure allowing your inner beauty to shine through.

Facial Reflexology

The same principles apply to face reflexology and reflexology of the feet. By stimulation of points on the face we can bring the body in to balance.


Face reflexology can help ease congestion, Improve circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, stimulate the nerves and relieve muscular tension.


All this and more! Treatments also help relieve mental strain and fatigue and improve concentration.


The result? A radiant complexion, free of stress, puffiness and fatigue. Treatments will leave you with a feeling of great calm and deep relaxation with the added benefit of looking rejuvenated and refreshed.